The Model

The Model

"Leading Individuals and Organizations to breakthroughs" - Aviad Goz


N.E.W.S.™ is a global reproducible model for a process that is objective and transparent. It is a results oriented, self-navigation method designed to assist individuals, teams and organizations navigating through crossroads, and assists with their alignment, motivation and focus.


The model's aims are:


  • To provide an organized structured navigation process that is implementable on a small or large scale
  • To establish a common language around organizational navigation and decision making
  • To implement a transparent process known and understandable to all relevant persons
  • To provide a mechanism by which the ROI of the process can be measured


When is the model relevant?

  1. When transitioning or starting a new role, new project, new team, new organization etc.
  2. Performance or behavioral challenges within the organization.
  3. Development of future management, leadership or key talents.  

The N.E.W.S.™ model is made up of the following four elements:


  • North   Identify "direction", strategy and vision
  • East     Improve motivation and verify coherence with existing value system agree
  • West    Plan & execute effective tactics, while improving skills and use of resources
  • South  Detect and overcome blockages and limiting beliefs that prevent success.


The Compass Element:


The N.E.W.S.™ model helps analyze the current situation; then implements a set of specific, easy to learn tools, which are designed to enhance self-leadership and navigation.

In the process of understanding and analyzing, the model uses the metaphor of the compass and associates each particular blockage to each of the 4 directions:



The N.E.W.S. Model (click to enlarge)




The questions associated with each direction become the basis of the navigation process, and the directions of the compass become the base of a common language to be used within the organization when undergoing such processes.